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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Attendance Guidelines

The state requires a student to be in attendance 300 instructional minutes to complete a full day of attendance. A half-day attendance is 150 minutes of instructional time. Instructional time does not include lunch and recess. The Plainfield School District Elementary day is 395 minutes in length, less the 50-minute lunch/recess time. Students have 45 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to be tardyor leave early and not be counted absent. A student must remain at school until 11:35am to be considered in attendance for a half day. Students whose lunch hour begins prior to 11:35am must remain until they have completed the 150 minutes of instructional time. Students must arrive at school by 1:10pm to be considered a half day present in the afternoon. Kindergarten class attendance is 150 minutes.

Building Security

Please remember, all outside doors are locked and secured after 9:05am at Crystal Lawns School. Any parent volunteers, late arrivals, and visitors must use the front, main entrance door. A doorbell is located on the brick wall next to the glass doors. After being identified, the person(s) will be "buzzed" into the building using our electronic alarm system. All late students, visitors, and parents are required to use the front main doors and report to the office to sign in the log sheet, and if appropriate, wear a visitor's badge. Also, any child needing to leave school early must be signed out in the main office. Please do not hold the door open to let others in. Keeping our school safe and secure is a priority. Your cooperation in this procedure is greatly appreciated.

Discipline Policy

It is impossible to list every behavioral expectation. Usually common sense will determine if the action is appropriate for school.

Some policies we do have are:

  1. We will show respect for others and their possessions.
  2. We will keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.
  3. We will use acceptable language.
  4. We will follow directions.
  5. We will not prevent the teacher from teaching, or other students from learning.

Rights and Responsibilities for all Students at Crystal Lawns

We believe that each person who studies at, works in, or visits Crystal Lawns School has the right to a safe, orderly, caring environment. By continuing to work together, our efforts will make Crystal Lawns School the best possible environment for learning and growing.

Responsible students attending Crystal Lawns School:

  1. Follow school and classroom rules.
  2. Complete work on time to the best of their ability.
  3. Come to school ready to meet their physical needs.
  4. Accept positive or negative consequences for the choices they make.

Dismissal Procedure

Bus riders will be called at 3:40pm. Car riders/walkers will be dismissed at about 3:45pm, after the buses depart.

The procedure for picking up your student as a car rider will be as follows:

After the buses depart, cars should form a single line in front of the canopy. Cars should pull as far forward as possible. Cars should not drive down the side or back parking lots unless special arrangements have been made with the principal, Mrs. Jachowicz. Students are only allowed to enter and exit through the front doors.