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Battle of the Books 2018

Battle of the Books is a program in which 4th and 5th grade students form teams of five.  Each member of the team reads one or more of the books.  Then in mid-February teams compete by answering a series of questions about the books. The team with the most points moves to the next round.

The books for this year are:                                     Important Dates for B.O.B.

They are not announced until                                      TBA:  4th grade elimination rounds

 later in the year.                                                          TBA:  5th grade elimination rounds

                                                                                    TBA:  4th & 5th Final Battles




Illinois Reading Award Programs

Students in grades K-5 are excited to be reading books for the Illinois reading award programs.  There are 3 awards at the elementary level and each award has 20 nominated books.  Boys and girls in 1st – 3rd grades are listening to their teacher read Monarch nominees.  If they read/listen to 5 stories they can vote for their favorite. Students in grades 3-5 are reading the Bluestem Award nominees.  They need to listen to or read 4 titles in order to vote.  Voting for all of the award books will take place in February in the Media Center.


February 2018 Crystal Lawn Winners:

  • Monarch Award:  Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
  • Bluestem Award:  Fuzzy Mud
  • Rebecca Caudill Award:  Fuzzy Mud