Crystal Lawns PTA Board

President - Brenda Laudadio

1st Vice-President - Stacy Wojciak

2nd Vice-President  - Gina Avila

Secretary - Bernadette Morales

Treasurer - Jennifer Schlosser


To contact the PTA, please email


PTA Unit Meeting on 1/25/18 at Crystal Lawns School


Volunteers Needed

Please contact Sarah Dean if you are available and interested in volunteering to be a room parent at the Valentine's Day parties:

Mrs. Deeter's class needs 1 parent.

Mr. Lauderdale's class needs 1 parent.

Ms. Capp's class needs 2 parents.

Mrs. Rathbun's class needs 1 parent. 


Cookie and Cocoa Day

The PTA is asking for cookie donations for Cookie and Cocoa Day.  They are asking for original Oreo cookies.  Please do not send in generic brands or different types of Oreos.  Please send in donations by 1/24/18.