English Language Arts / ELA

English Language Arts / ELA

Quarter 3

Reading:  The focus this quarter is on Fictional reading, which will include prose, poetry, and drama by exploring themes and topics for implicit and excplicit meanings.  We will also compare texts to visual or oral presentations of the same topic or story.  Identifying details and examples from texts, including depths of characters and setting of stories will be analyzed.  Recognizing 3rd person or 1st person point of view of fictioal texts will also be explored.  Many Greek Myths and allusions will be used to master these reading objectives.  (Outcomes B1-3, B5-6, and B8)

Writing:  Cursive writing and being able to read it will be mastered this quarter. (Outcomes L1 and L2).  Opinion pieces will be the main focus of this quarter's writing, as well as capitalization, punctuation-including using quotations from texts, spelling, and grammar. (Outcomes D1-D11).  Figurative language and word nuances will be explored and identified, such as similes, metaphors, idioms, adages, and proverbs.  Synonyms and antonyms will be a focus as well. (Outcomes K4-K7).

Quarter 4

Reading: Poetry, prose and drama elements will be compared and contrasted.  Using context clues for multiple meaning words, and domain specific words in context will be practiced and assessed.

Writing:  This quarter focuses on research to create a multi-media report on Non-fiction topics.  A brochures, poster, and Powerpoint or Prezi oresentations will be created and presented.  Speaking, listening, collaboration, formal and informal writing, and use of technology and other reference materials to report on a topic will all be integrated into these presentations.