Science and Social Studies

Science and Social Studies

Quarter 3:

The focus this quarter will be mastering fractions.  Comparing and ordering, finding equivalents, use of mixed numbers and improper fractions, using and identifying them on a number line, and solving word problems will all be the objectives for this unit. (Outcomes D1-9  and E1-5).



Electricity and magnetism will be explored.  We will build a working circuit, learn about conductors and insulators of electricity, transforming it into other forms of energy such as heat, light, mechanical, and sound energy.  In our magnetism unit we will explore magnetic fields of energy with positive and negative charges/poles that cause attracting and repelling forces.  We will conduct and even create labs to increase our understanding of these concepts.

Social Studies:

The Southeast region will be studied first, and then the Southwest region this quarter.  For each region we will learn about the physical features, resources, important people, culture, and other unique characteristics that make up each of these regions.