Word Study

Quarters 1, 2, and 4:

Word Study:  Small groups will begin in Mid-Septemeber.  These groups will be based on each child's results from the Words Their Way diagnostic test given Aug. 31.  These groups are fluid and will be adjusted on an as-needed basis. The next diagnostic test will be in the spring.

Word Study works on a 5-day cycle.  Students will meet with me at the pocket chart of their groups' color to review and sort their words and the W.O.W (word of the week) on the first day of the cycle.  They will receive their words list that day to take home.  On the second day, students will cut and sort their word cards independently and write them in their spiral for practice.  On the third day of the cycle, students will either write sentences using each word properly or write definitions for their words (depending on their group color) and turn these in for a grade.  On the forth day of the cycle, students will practice with a partner their list words.  On the fifth day they will take a test.

Quarter 3:

This quarter will focus on Latin and Greek roots per our Common Core ELA Standards.  All students will have the same list of words and be on the same 5-day cycle for 8 weeks.  After this unit, students will take the spring diagnostic test and be re-grouped accordingly for the remainder of the year.