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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Crystal Lawns Elementary School, a vibrant and nurturing educational community nestled within the heart of the Plainfield School District!

At Crystal Lawns, we are committed to fostering a love for learning and providing a safe, inclusive environment where every student can thrive. Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about inspiring young minds, cultivating curiosity, and encouraging academic excellence.

As a part of our close-knit school community, families, teachers, and staff work hand in hand to support the success of our students. We value collaboration, open communication, and the belief that every child has unique talents and strengths to contribute.

At Crystal Lawns Elementary, we embrace diversity and celebrate the richness it brings to our school community. We strive to create an environment that respects and appreciates the differences among us, fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and empathy.

We are excited to embark on this educational journey with you and your child. Together, let's create unforgettable experiences and lay the foundation for a bright and promising future.

Welcome to Crystal Lawns Elementary School, where every child is valued, encouraged, and inspired to reach their full potential!

Principal Carol Betzold

Crystal Lawns Elementary School

2544 Crystal Drive, Joliet, IL 60435 (815) 436-9519


We are #202proud of our principals
Carol Betzold
We are #202proud of our assistant principals
Stacia Mallory
assistant principal stacia mallory