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Dismissal Procedure Changes

Please be aware that we have changed our end of the school day dismissal procedures.  Please call before 3:10 PM if the dismissal procedures you have requested need to change.  After 3:10 PM it is difficult to get messages to the classroom in time for the teachers to properly prepare the students. 

Walkers and car riders will exit the building from door A in the front of the building.  Students will load on the passenger side of the car only.  Drivers are to stay in their vehicle at all times while in the car line.  Please pull all the way up to the letter cone that you are directed to by staff.  Please have your assigned car rider number clearly visible in your window.  DO NOT PARK in the front parking lot or park on the street and walk to get your children from the line.  Traffic is one way in the front of the school.  In the afternoon there are NO left turns onto school property from Gael Drive.  Please be respectful of private property and ensure that your vehicle is not on the grass or blocking driveways.  Please do not use private drives for turn arounds. 

Bus riders will be dismissed out of door C in the back of the building.  Parents are not permitted to pick up children at door C.  No parking in the back lot where the buses are present. 

These are new procedures for this school year.  Thank you for your flexibility in learning the new procedures. 


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